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Make your future safe

stone by stone

Aiming to excellence to preserve and protect information is the first step toward our idea about security.

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Hacktive Security

Backend Security Project

our OWASP project

aimed to improve and collect infos about webapps backend security. It is composed of three sections namely security development, security hardening and security testing.

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First Assisted Code Review Platform

An integrated platform developed to provide fully assisted code reviev services with zero false positives.

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the system protection that you need!

A distributed integrity checker to monitor and report system changes, completely tailored to your necessities.

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Services to ensure the integrity of information systems, against data theft and fraud.


Services you need to be sure that you can detect any problem as soon as possible hence better fix it.


Services to identify and resolve incidents that can negatively impact your business.


Services to proactively manage your security risk.


Our main competency is security assessments, however as our business has grown we now complement this ability with a wider range of security services thanks to our team of security experts and business partnerships.

With Hacktive Security on board your company join a leading source for security services with depth of experience, expertise, and skill. Thanks to our clients we have a reputation of trust that they express with admiration and with continuous job orders.

Latest News

  • 2014/07 Hacktive Security released to public the new service of password cracking and high performance GPU computing.
  • 2013/08 We are proud to announce our partnership with Yubico. Since August 2013 Hacktive Security is an official retailer and support provider for YubiKeys and strong authentication solutions.
  • 2013/01 Our R&D division started a security research around problems affecting the most spread mobile applications.
  • 2012/12 Hacktive Security started a new research project code named hekidna.
  • 2012/08 Hacktive Security received UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for meeting the quality management systems requirements defined by the International Organization for Standardization.
  • 2010/04 Hacktive Security was founded in Rome on April 2010.