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Forensic Services

  • Description Forensic Services are aimed at identifying and resolving incidents that can negatively impact business, including Malware Infections, Unauthorized Access, Compromise of Confidential Data, Intellectual Property Theft, Policy Violations, Corporate Espionage, etc. It worth noting that correct handling of a forensics investigation is a key point of any computer crimes. Forensics analysts are required to gather digital evidence using approved legal and technical methodologies. It is mandatory to examine data, extracting key evidence while preserving integrity further they need to be prepared to communicate key informations with top management and report evidence in civil or criminal courts. Hacktive Security can provides Companies, Law Enforcement and Law Firms with professional services such us:
  • Incident Response and Digital Investigation
    When something happens or has been already happened in your organization, we can help you respond to it and run investigation by means of:
    - Computer Forensic Analysis;
    - Network Forensics;
    - Mobile Device Forensics;
  • Malware Analysis
    when you suspect a malicious software infection or a bad application behavior, we can analyze your network and systems to detect malware, APT and any emerging threats.
  • eDiscovery
    when you need to perform an eDiscovery process in your organization, we can find out parties involved in the exchanging of documents and emails, including confidential information leakage.
  • Litigation Support - Expert Witness
    if you are under a litigation support process, we can help you find the right evidence to support your legal staff. If your case ends up in Court, we can provide an impartial expert witness testimony about the provided evidence.
  • Data Recovery
    if you have lost your data such as files, emails, databases, we can help you to recover your business critical data also in case an accidental or malicious event has damaged it.
  • Internal Forensic Lab
    if your Company or your law enforcement department need to setup an internal forensic laboratory, we can design and implement it tailoring it to your necessity including training.
  • Forensic Training
    see the Training Section.