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Protection Services

  • Description Protect your Networks, Systems and Applications, as well as data and users deploying the appropriates mechanisms is a real challenge. A multitudinous of different technologies exist, but none of them is effective on its own. We can help you address the best combination of technologies and processes to take your security to the appropriate level, of course we will give you all the necessary support with the implementation throughout the process. We are able to provide professional services around protection technologies such as:
  • Security Architecture Design & Review
    Aimed to support your company since the planning process of the system, network and application infrastructures up to post-deployment checks and reviews.
  • Firewalls and VPNs
    Aimed to design, deploy and integrate Firewalls and VPNs solutions in your business environment.
  • System and Network Devices Hardening
    Aimed to secure the deployment of servers, switches, routers, etc.
  • Network and Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (NIPS/HIPS)
    Aimed to support your company to analyze and choose the best intrusion prevention/detection solution and helping your technical staff in deployment and configuration process.
  • Wireless Networks Security
    Aimed to check the security status of WiFi Networks, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC or any other wireless technology deployed in your company infrastructure.
  • Database Security Hardening
    Aimed to deploy securely designed Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and DB2 instances.
  • Protection Training
    See the Training Section.