We are strongly committed to security field providing innovative security services. We challenge ourself developing new tools and methodologies designed to meet the present and future needs of customers. The main goal of Hacktivesecurity's R&D; division is to research and develop technology solutions that gives to us and to our customers an added value.

Hacktive Security Blog

Our R&D; Blog, here you can find all the results of our research projects, white papers, exploits POC, case studies and other interesting stuff. The blog is available at:

High Performance GPU Computing Services

Since July 2014 we started offering our High Performances GPU Cluster infrastructure to our customers and law enforcement corps. Wish to know more? Write us an email.

Mobile Application Security

We started a security research around problems affecting the most spread mobile applications. All of the publicly disclosed results of our researches are available on the Hacktive Security's Blog.

Backend Security Project (OWASP)

OWASP Backend Security Project is a project entirely dedicated to the core of the Web Applications. The aim of the project is to create a new guide that could allow developers, administrators and testers to comprehend any parts of the security process about back-end components that directly communicate with the web applications as well as databases, ldaps, etc..

Hacktive Security is the project's leader, and with several contributors (developers, system integrators and security testers) contributed to achieve this important aim consisting in a beta quality guide composed by three sections oriented to the security field:

  • Development
  • Hardening
  • Testing

The guide is available at OWASP